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Music, Myth, and Magick

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  • HowTo: Make a Cauldron Fire

    Fire is a key aspect of many pagan ceremonies; however, it’s not always the best idea to burn things indoors. It produces carbon dioxide, sets off fire detectors, and wood smoke will quickly fill up a small room. For those of us who desire the energy of a bonfire, but do not possess a large…

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  • Ozzy Osbourne Has Forever Ruined My Pronunciation of Crowley’s Name

    When I first heard Black Sabbath’s “Mr. Crowley,” I was probably too distracted by Randy Rhoads’s guitar solos to worry too much who or what the song was about. Actually, I can say that was pretty much the case for everything they wrote. The song’s two opening words are “Mr. Crowley,” but here’s the problem:…

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  • Qabalah Books I’d Recommend

    Today, I’d like to talk about the Qabalah, otherwise known as Kabbalah and sometimes Cabala. Specifically, I’ll be talking about how other people talk about it… and what I think about what they have to say. Pretty meta, right? No, it’s just a book review post. First of all, why is this one word spelled…

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I am a musician and a high priest. I enjoy writing about music and the occult – specifically where the two intersect.

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